Apostel Brau


A tradition that you can taste! Since 1713, brewery culture and drinking of beer has had a well-sounding name - Apostel Bräu. Having received the "fire license" made it possible to set up and operate the brewery named "Zu den Zwölf Apostel (’To the twelve Apostles’)" in the city of Worms. That way, the foundation stone was laid for brilliant brewery art which was developed further over the centuries using high diligence, fines raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. Only one thing has never changed - the beer’s full-bodied character which forms due to the traditional brewing and filtering process. So beer connoisseurs in those days, and still today, enjoy the matchless taste of high brewing quality in the sign of the apostle who reminds of the roots of the successful and popular as well as traditional brewery brand.