Founded in 1925, CERVEZAS ALHAMBRA is the fruit of a venture by two acknowledged expert brewers - Carlos Bouvard, owner of the La Moravia brewery and Antonio Knorr, member of a family with a long heritage in the brewing industry. La Moravia's industrial facilities and management expertise were the basis of the success of the venture until 1954 when S.A. Damm acquired a controlling interest in Cervezas Alhambra and assumed management control for the ensuing 25 years. By 1979 the company had grown to the extent that it employed 400 workers. This was followed by a lengthy period of reconstruction and change, the commencement of which coincided with the arrival of La Cruz del Campo as the majority shareholder. The workforce reacted positively and the city of Granada gave the brewery its traditional and unconditional support. This set the scene for a group of private investors to acquire 99% of the capital of Cervezas Alhambra in 1995. The investor group introduced a new objective - the creation of a dynamic, expanding enterprise, based on the solid foundation of Cervezas Alhambra's Granada activities. Initially, effort was applied to improving the existing plant and infrastructure, as well as to technological development and the expansion of the level of business activity - facilitated by the aforementioned changes and improved management techniques. The next phase involved Cervezas Alhambra's first acquisition in November 1999. Cordoba's Compania Andaluza de Cervezas became part of the new Cervezas Alhambra S.L. - Andalusia's first independent brewery group. This was the first phase in the pursuit of the ambitious objectives of growth and diversification that remain cornerstones of current Group strategy. Additions to production facilities complemented the objective of maximizing growth by providing the additional capacity permitting distribution in new areas such as Western Andalusia, Central Spain and the Eastern seaboard. Solid foundations were laid for internationalizing the brand. State-of-the-art technology The ambitious investment plan was undertaken to provide the latest technology as required by an increasingly demanding marketplace. The basic principles of the plan were to guarantee the highest quality levels and to offer the widest possible range of products, sizes and presentations. These principles have dominated managerial philosophies and strategies. Coupled with new state-of-the-art technology, the result has been a material improvement in positioning and competitiveness in the Spanish market. In October 2002 an ultra-modern canning line was installed in the Cordoba factory. This facility with sophisticated inbuilt process controls to optimize productivity, can deliver in excess of 60,000 cans per at highly competitive costs. Management's dedication to all-round improvement resulted in the group being awarded First Prize for Information and Technology in the Andalusian Companies category. This competition was sponsored by internationally acknowledged leaders in their fields - PriceWaterhouseCoopers, PC Week, Microsoft and Bull. Video: