3 Sheeps


American IPA 6.2 ABV 60 IBU

Remember the first time you went left when logic and everyone else told you to go right? When you looked down the road that would safely take you to exactly the same place it always did, and you chose another path?

That’s what Really Cool Waterslides is all about: choosing a dream. Looking uncertainty in the eye and whispering menacingly, “Let’s dance.”

Once the decision was made to open the brewery, we knew there could be no more appropriate a name for our founding beer than Really Cool Waterslides. We also knew that it had to be worthy of the name.

Its smooth malt profile lets the hops do the talking. We combine three hop varieties over a ninety minute boil in three separate additions. To finish it off, we dry hop the bejeebers out of it, resulting in a robust and tantalizing aroma. It’s complex and intricate, yet completely accessible – a labor of love to be shared with the world.

It confirmed what we already knew - that it’s always better to forgo fame, fortune, and stability in pursuit of some Really Cool Waterslides.