Free Bikes for First-Graders in Baltimore

bikes for kids
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Can'd Aid

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SOUTHWEST BALTIMORE-- — A non-profit and a local distributing company have teamed up to get kids more outside activity.

Nonprofit Can'd Aid and Legends Distributing [Legends Limited] gave 65 bikes to the first-grade class at North Bend Elementary School.

The students and staff then got a little demonstration from a professional on the types of tricks they can do, and how to bike safely.

“It's really awesome to be able to share the joy of bike riding with all these kids,” said Jeff Lenosky, a professional mountain bike rider and a member of Can’d Aid. “I’ve been riding professionally for 25 years, so it's a sport that's provided me literally my entire life, to come in, be able to get new cyclists on bikes, maybe their first bike, maybe they might not have the opportunity to get a bicycle. It's super exciting. And you see and hear the joy on their faces and, and in their cheers.”

The purpose of all of this, says Can'd Aid, is to get kids more exercise.

They say only 20 percent of kids get the daily amount of exercise they need. 

The CDC says children and teens ages 6 to 17 should get at least an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day.

About Can'd AId: Can’d Aid is a nationally recognized nonprofit that rallies volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities. Through our unique integrated approach, we distribute water, provide access and opportunities for underserved youth to experience music, arts and the outdoors; and protect and restore the environment. Fueled by people power and in direct response to evolving community needs, our programs create transformational impact.